Now more than ever we must seek change and act. 

Just since the March primary election, in what feels like the blink of an eye, our whole world has changed.


We are in the middle of a pandemic that hits the disadvantaged hard and has thrown everyday life into disorder in a very unsettling way, even as we work to reopen our economy and our communities. Daily we bear witness to basic principles of public health and science getting challenged. Our economy has crashed, hurting small businesses and those who live paycheck-to-paycheck especially hard – and putting state and local government budgets into a fiscal free fall. High profile and outrageous incidents of racial injustice have shaken our nation to its core. And, the right of every American to vote safely in November is being questioned by the President and others. 


I strongly believe the urgent public health, social justice and economic challenges we face require that we organize, seek change and act.


Just as I said during the primary campaign, I want to go to Sacramento to work to expand state efforts against climate change, make sure there is universal health care coverage, develop affordable housing, and protect our public education system. But the November election will now be a referendum on the efficacy of public health and science, how we will take on racial and social injustice in our state and country, and the right of everyone to vote. 


I want to use my experience, my relationships and my support throughout the Central Coast to address these issues. The outcome of this election must validate our concerns about having a government that is responsive and acts – on social justice, against climate change, for voting access, for universal health care and strong public health, for affordable housing, and for a strong accessible education system. I’m ready to get to work and I hope to earn your vote.


I need your help.

The 17th Senate district covers nearly a million people in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. Your endorsement and your campaign contribution will help me reach them. 

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